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Avengers Infinity War: First Set Photo Here are the Infinity Stones?

Next April will see the release of Avengers Infinity War, the first of a two-part Marvelextravaganza.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

/ by Ravi Chaubey
Next April will see the release of Avengers Infinity War, the first of a two-part Marvelextravaganza.
Pic:From left to right Vision and Thanos from Infinity War
While shooting on the first has been completed, the cast and crew have now gathered to start on 2019’s Avengers 4.
Pic:First Poster of Avengers:Infinity War
Directors, The Russo Brothers, have marked this by sharing the first set photo on their on social media accounts.
Pic:Stone of Infinity War
The cryptic picture shows four fingers of a single purple glove with the caption: “Beginning the end.”
Pic:Description of Stones from Infinity War
While Avengers Infinity War and Avengers 4 focuses on Thanos gathering the Infinity Stones for his Infinity Gauntlet – a metallic glove – it’s unlikely the snap has anything to do with the film’s plot.
Pic:Thanos in Infinity War
The Russo Brothers are known for teasing the highly secretive Disney-owned movie with pictures of random objects.Last month Joe Russo gave an update on when Marvel fans could expect the highly anticipated first trailer.
Pic: Dr. Strange with stone from Infinity War
He said: “You know, all I can say is that when the footage comes out we want it to be exactly right.”
Pic: Thanos from Infinity War
Russo added: “So we are taking our time and working on that footage because, as you can imagine, the levels of visual effects in these movies are unprecedented and there are certain things in this footage at Comic-Con that works specifically for a Comic-Con audience. 
“But when we go wide, to a wide audience, we have to make sure that footage works for a wide audience.”
Avengers: Infinity War is released in UK cinemas on April 27, 2018, while Avengers 4 will follow on April 26, 2019.
Source: Daily Express

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