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‘Padmavati’ made with good intentions, says Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor who is playing role in Padmavati with Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone speeks that He is not played any role which is related and any religion.

Monday, 31 July 2017

/ by Ravi Chaubey
His upcoming period-drama Padmavatimay have been mired in controversies, but actor Shahid Kapoor said the film did not have anything objectionable and was made with “good” intentions.
Pic:Shahid Kapoor
The Sanjay Leela Bhansali-directed period drama faced the ire of certain groups, who attacked the filmmaker and also damaged the film’s set, alleging distortion of history over the depiction of queen Padmavati.
When asked if certain scenes have been changed post that, Shahid told reporters, “According to me, I have not shot any scene which has been changed. I think there were a lot of presumptions about the film, and people were presuming there were (certain) things in the film.
Pic:From left to right Ranveer Singh,Deepika Padukone and Shahid Kapoor
“The clarification has been given that those things are not in the film. I hope when people see the film, they realise that the heart of the film and intent of the film is very good.”
Padmavati, which stars Deepika Padukone in the titular role, Shahid as Rawal Ratan Singh and Ranveer Singh as Alauddin Khilji, is scheduled to release this year on November 17.
“This country and the people who live in it, and specially the area we are talking about in the film, will be glorified and shown beautifully. I play a Rajput king and my character, I feel, will be admired by people,” Shahid said on the sidelines of an award show on Saturday.
Padmavati marks the first collaboration between the Haider star and Bhansali, and Shahid said he was thrilled to work with the director.
Pic:From left to right Shahid Kapoor and Deepika Padukone
“It’s an intense, romantic and a very looked-forward-to film for various reasons. I think it’s a labour of love of Bhansali. I had gone mad on Twitter after watching his last film (Bajirao Mastani), appreciating everyone, and didn’t know I’d be part of his next film.
“It’s awesome to be working with someone whose work I have admired and loved, especially in the recent past. It is a great cast and going to be a huge film. I am really excited, but I want to underplay it, so I am trying to do that right now.”
Source:The Hindu

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