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Mubarakan Movie Review Box Office

Mubarakan movie has released in India on 28 July 2017 that is i mean today. Movie has starcast Arjul kapoor, Anil kapoor and many more. Continue to read movie revie.

Friday, 28 July 2017

/ by Ravi Chaubey
  • Hindustan Times:2.5/5
  • Times of India:3/5
  • FirstPost:2.5/5
  • Infrolic:3/5

Video: Official Trailer of Mubarakan Movie
  • Mubarakan Story

Pic:From Left to Right Athiya Shetty,Arjun Kapoor,Anil Kapoor and Ileana D'Cruz
Singleton Kartar Singh (Anil) is left with the responsibility of raising his two orphaned nephews. He asks his brother (Pavan) in Punjab to raise Charan (Arjun) and his sister (Ratna) in London to raise Karan (Arjun in a double role). When the twins cross continents, they leave behind a trail of confusion. 
  • Mubarakan Review

You are most definitely not in original territory here nor is there anything terrible smart going on in Mubarakan. The premise of twins causing chaos has been infinitely supreme in movies like Ram Aur Shyam, Golmaal, Angoor, Seeta Aur Geeta, Chaalbaaz and even Judwaa. But Anees Bazmee who has made a career of dishing out gags and funny one-liners, goes at this one again with gusto. And you do find yourself amused at times.
Pic:Poster of movie Mubarakan
Coming back to the plot, trouble brews when the twins—Charan, who plays a mild-mannered Sikh boy and his older by five-minutes twin, the suave Karan—get their love-wires crossed. Karan loves Sweety (Ileana) but she gets engaged to Charan and Charan loves Binkle(Athiya), who Karan is supposed to marry. To add to the mess, there is also Nafisa(Neha) who is actually dating Charan and who is expecting him to pop the question soon. Since the twins rely heavily on their uncle Kartar for all solutions in life, they rush to him in London. And guess what? Kartar’s plans always sound good but they’re never foolproof. Instead the family is torn apart and the twins’ lives get even more complicated.
Pic:From left to right Arjun kapoor,Anil kapoor and Arjun Kapoor
Giving away too much will spoil the fun that you’re meant to have watching this. So you just have to go through this garrulous, laugh-out-loud affair with the usual patience and perhaps even some perseverance that you usually reserve for Bollywood comedies such as this one.
Anil is the scene-stealer with his half Brit-half Punjabi act lifting the film throughout. Arjun’s double-act allows for some smiles and the girls, Ileana, Athiya and Neha are easy on the eye, though they’re just decorative set-pieces.
Pic:StarCast of Movie Mubarakan
Ratna and Pavan add weightage with their stellar acts, though Pavan should have kept it down in the dramatic portions, where he is much too loud.
The songs—Tu Goggle Paa Ke Nache and a remix of the Hawa Hawa number lift the spirits. If comedies are your thing, then mubarakan…
Source:Times of India

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